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Copenhagen Bombay

2D Motion Graphics

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As part of a team, Ísak is very solution-oriented, and good at delving into execution as well as handling the creative solution.
Ísak is efficient and technically proficient and has been very helpful in the daily production of content, and he is not adversely affected by high work pressure.

Personally, Ísak is very calm as a person and contributes good energy in a hectic work process.
We were very pleased with Ísaks work. He worked fast, and delivered a quality product. He showed great initiative in terms of getting the work started, was able to deliver on point videos without a specific brief, and was good at extracting content for the videos from available materials. He also put a lot of effort into finding or creating suitable materials, where this might have been lacking. In short, he is creative, efficient and a good problem-solver.
If you're looking for a steady, intuitive, and skilled motion graphics designer, don't hesitate to reach out to Ísak.

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