Pyre Frog

Klikko. Wordpens. Search Royals. Eye10.

Video editor & motion designer

I deliver promotional videos that are ready to publish for the above mentioned companies.


All four companies have different goals, but are run, or co-owned by the entrepreneur, author, teacher and expert in Google Ads, SEO and linkbuilding, Mohammad Dadkhah.

The process


The editing process starts with green-screen removal from the raw footage, followed by editing out the pauses to make the speak flow in a ongoing and natural way.

Motion graphics

To support to the storytelling and make the videos more engaging visually, I add subtitles and do motion graphics elements. Some elements are pre-designed templates that I adjust to match the visual identity, and some elements and templates I design myself.

Finishing touches

The last steps are audio cleanup – in order to remove all background noise and highlight the speak – and color grading to give the video more depth.


Premiere Pro


After Effects


Software: Premiere Pro + Izotope RX8

Search Royals


Logo animation

These simple logo animations enhance the companies visual identity, by focusing on the logos iconic elements, followed by revealing the type.

more to come…

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