Pyre Frog


Lead content creator

For Klipworks, I collaborated with them in elevating their visual identity, and to create content for their online communication channels. I worked closely with the CEO, and reported directly to him. All work was done remotely.


Klipworks is a Video-by-Request platform that makes it easy for content creators to collect and store authentic smartphone videos.


Logo animation

A simple but effective logo animation to use for intros and outros.


In order to emphasize strength and stability, we chose a bold and strong font.


The blue colors represent depth, technology and intelligence. Yellow is used for accents, and represents creativity.

Promotional video


To explain what Klipworks is in a clear and simple manner, I needed to create a promotional video. I wanted this video to show the users how easy-to-use and powerful the Klipworks’ platform is.

A video like this, has a lot of elements and it is therefore very important to create a storyboard in order to maintain an overview of the project. By sketching the storyboard, I could visually outline the ideas in the different scenes, and see which ideas would work.


Final result

After finishing the storyboard, the vision was clear and the graphic elements were ready to be designed. 

I designed all the graphics in Adobe Illustrator and separated the individual elements into layers. This gives me full control of the graphics, which allows me to create smooth and detailed animations.

View the final result below.


Klipworks also needed a infographic sales sheet that they could send to their clients.
Just as the promotional video, two-page infographic takes you on a journey. The white line represents a road that takes you through the different stages. The line has no beginning, nor end, because it can be done again and again.

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