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Kommunernes Landsforening

I was hired to take care of all motion graphics related work on this project for Kommunernes Landsforening. This video is an explainer about the challenges of maintaining an healthy welfare-state while the number of senior citizens is growing.


Understanding the message

Upon receiving the manuscript, I wanted to make sure that I understood the core message. Therefore, I read the script several times and made notes, in order to string together the overall look and feel that the client was aiming at.

Sketching and creating graphics

Before going to the computer, I went to the drawing board to sketch some of the ideas I’d gotten while reading. I knew that the graphics  had to be simple and clear, in order to illustrate the message properly.

Giving life to still graphics

The last step is to turn the graphics into animations. I personally feel that the graphics and animations support the story and makes it more visually appealing.

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