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The Nordic House

In-house motion graphics designer


During my time as an in-house motion designer at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, I made a series of videos to post on their web and social media sites to raise awareness of events that they organized.

The Nordic House is the center for music, art and culture in the Faroe Islands. The organization is under the auspices of the Council of Ministers, which spans across Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.


Due to me living in Copenhagen, Denmark, I worked for the Nordic House remotely. I had direct contact with their project coordinator, and we communicated via. e-mail and over the phone.

Geytin is an award ceremony for Faroese film-makers.

My role was to make a presentation of the movies and directors that were nominated for Geytin 2018

Motion graphics ad for the Kids Festival.

The ad was made purely by using animated icons along with the music of Dánjal – Last Walk.

The Kids Festival spans across a variety of themes and genres. It includes music, theater, movies, courses and much more.

Without being provided any video material, I needed to make an animation that would get the feel of what the festival was about, while making sure that people of all ages would get the gist of it. And so I decided to make it purely with icons and single words. The animation beats to the music, which makes it seem effortless.

Motion graphics ad

Motivating kids to participate in a course where they could learn how to make movies.

Mirja Klippel

Ad for her concert at the Nordic House.

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