Pyre Frog

The Heart

A visual story

There are a lot of rumors about the human body, that most of us have heard of. Since it often can be difficult to differentiate between facts and myths. Therefore I took it upon myself to research a particular part of the human body, the heart, and created this fun little animation to illustrate and tell what is fact and what is fiction.

The text in this video is in danish, so I apologize if you don’t understand.


I found a couple of myths in an article about the heart that I wanted to compress into a short animation. In essence, this short animation is a demonstration on how graphics and text can be be displayed in an interesting fashion. Information that people otherwise wouldn’t read or pay much attention to can be revamped in a playful and visually appealing way, hence increasing the odds of reaching a wider audience.


First and foremost, I wrote short snippets of text that was going to be displayed in each sequence. Secondly, I designed the icons in Adobe Illustrator and made the ready for being animated it in After Effects. Once I was done, the illustrations, it was time to start animating.
After importing the illustrations into After Effects, I spent some time setting the icons up so they were ready. After that, I started animating both icons, text and transition.

In conclusion, I am quite satisfied with the result.


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I wrote the monologue, created the assets in Illustrator and animated it in After Effects.

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